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Below are a few on-line resource for students working independently, as selected by A.L.C. staff.

Watch this space for updates!

Homeschoolers of Whatcom‘s goal is to bring local homeschooling families together, extend resources to those families and help to enrich their educational experiences.

Khan Academy is a collection of videos covering a wide variety of subjects appropriate to High School level students.

MIT’s Open Courseware brings together the expertise of MIT’s top professors. For advanced Students looking to explore college level coursework.

Edmund Scientific is a long trusted retailer of science projects, labware, and materials for classroom demonstrations.

Project Gutenberg and the related audiobook site make thousands of public domain available in electronic formats.

Astronomy Picture of the day. Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading are a series of talks by scientist, authors and artists on a wide number of subjects

Awesome Library is a web resource of pages scrutinized and organized for educational use.

Having trouble approaching a subject or need project ideas? Try the Awesome Library’s Lesson Plan page.