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High School Diploma based on Washington State Requirements

We follow the strict criteria of the State of Washington Board of Education’s requirements for graduation with a high school diploma. Graduating students will have completed a minimum of the 24 required credits specified by that board. Those who wish to apply for admission to four-year colleges and universities will be assisted by our state certified staff in selecting and completing the additional credits recommended for college admission by those institutions.

The diploma issued through this program indicates that the Alger Learning Center/Independence High School is a Washington State approved private school.

Graduates from our program have been accepted to a significant number of major colleges and universities, both here and abroad, to community and technical colleges, as well as vocational and art institutes.

We have programs and services that are tailored to meet the needs of homeschoolers, independent learners, and students traveling or working globally. We work with students with learning differences and/or special needs, those in need of credit retrieval and/or credit analysis, and those for whom exit testing presents their only obstacle to graduating, among many others.

As a Washington State approved private school, we do not have to require exit, end of course, or other mandatory testing, including the Washington State High School Proficiency Examination (HSPE), and we do not do so. It is our belief that such testing is unethical, and presents unfair and punitive barriers to many students, who have otherwise more than met the academic requirements, to allowing them to proceed with their education and lives. Nor do we require a senior/culminating project.

And, because we offer our programs year-around, students may enroll at any time, complete their studies at their own pace, and graduate when they have done so.